Ryan Heimbach

Born in Tampa Florida and raised in.Laguna Beach California.  His uncle William DeBilzan was the first person to give him a taste of the art world. He was around art as he grew up.  His mother, Diane DeBilzan owned a gallery for most of his childhood, which gave him an idea of how crazy the art world can be.  Ryan also found himself becoming drawn to creativity as he attended Laguna Beach High School.  Before the mentoring of Andrew Myers started in 2008, art was just a hobby.

      In 2011 Ryan was accepted into the Festival of Arts for sculpture and was the youngest artist that summer to be accepted.  His passion to learn and succeed along with the mentoring of Andrew Myers has been laying a solid foundation for craftsmanship and creativity.  Never content with expressing himself the same way over and over, Ryan is driven to discover even more ways to show his love of art while letting his passion for creativity develop new ideas, techniques, and methods (easier said then done).


2011, 2013-2015 Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach, Ca

DeBilzan Gallery 2012-2014